Truly Trivial Movie Trivia

Didja ever sit there watching a movie, and some totally random, truly trivial factoid POP UP in front of your face, and you wondered to yourself, "Self?  Will I ever remember this totally useless piece of film-making flotsam?"  And even more than that, if you DO happen to waste some otherwise useful brain real estate on it, will it ever do you ANY GOOD?  Well, bunky, that's why your ever-lovin' Thursday Night Movie Club was brought upon this earth: to make that kind of useless mental energy meaningful in some pitiful way, however small.  So, on this page, we will list those tiny, meaningless, truly trivial factoids that make our otherwise-pointless lives so wonderful.  I'll start, but I expect you other trivia fans to email me more fodder for this frivolous, fortuitous, factoid-filled portfolio.....

In the scene in "Fight Club" where Edward Norton is arguing with Helena Bonham Carter in the street, the movie marquis in the background is showing "Seven Years In Tibet", a Brad Pitt flick (the other star of Fight Club)... nice in-joke.

The Triple Feature that Clarence (Christian Slater) saw at the beginning of "True Romance" was "Street Fighter", "Return of the Street Fighter", and "Sister of Street Fighter" (all starring Sonny Chiba).....yowza!!

In "For a Few Dollars More", it's Lee van Cleef who strikes a match on the back of hunchback Klaus Kinski's hump.  I always remembered it as being Cling Eastwood who did the striking, but no, it's Lee.  Clint watches from across the room.

The name of the city where "Blue Velvet" takes place:
          Lumberton, USA (radio station, WOOD)

Phony name of the geeky cop's dad's killer in "LA Confidential":
          Rollo Tamassee (spelling unknown!)

The "colorful" names of the gang in "Reservoir Dogs":
          Mr. White (Harvey Keitel), Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen), Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino), Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker).... {also Lawrence Tierney as Joe Cabot and Chris Penn as his son, Nice Guy Eddie}

hey, Jeopardy-boy!
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