Proprietor's Miscellaneous Ramblings

Hey, it's my website, ain't it?  So if I feel like spouting off with a random opinion, who's gonna complain?  You?  I didn't think so.

So, in no particular order, here are the random brain spasms that I have had, for your perusal, disposal, or derision, as you see fit.  And as always, your responses via  e-mail are solicited and welcome.....Chicago Jake

Jennifer Connelly:  Yeah, she's quite attractive and all, but whenever I see her I can't help but think of Bugs Bunny.  She has those two front teeth that stick out below her upper lip just a little too much.  But maybe that's just me.

Philip Seymour Hoffman:  while watching "25th Hour", it struck me how much he looks like a younger David Huddleston.  They even appeared together in "The Big Lebowski", but I don't remember noticing it then.  Maybe he has "grown in to" his Huddleston-ness in recent years.

Bruce Willis:  I don't think he gets enough credit for his amazing range.  Compare and contrast the "Die-Hard/Moonlighting" Bruce with the "Sixth Sense" Bruce and the "Jackal" Bruce and the "Siege/Armageddon" Bruce and the "Twelve Monkees" Bruce and the ... you get the idea.

Michael and Virginia Madsen:  possibly the best brother/sister duo ever to grace the silver screen. (see, not all of my ramblings are negative!)

Brad Pitt:  you gotta respect a really good looking guy who refuses to play "pretty boy" roles, but insists on playing grungie, barely likeable characters (Fight Club, True Romance, Snatch, etc.).  I know that I respect it.

Tom and Nicole:  now ain't that a shame?  I hope she choses more wisely next time around... and I also hope this wipes that inane grin off his stupid face!!!!

Overboard:  I happened to see this again, while stuck in a hotel room.  Yes, it's sappy as all get-out, and has way too many kids in it, and not nearly enough killings, but for some reason I like it.  Why is that?

Alabama:  Patricia Arquette plays a chick named "Alabama" in "True Romance" which was written by the venerable Quentin Tarantino... and Mr. White (played by Harvey Keitel) in QT's "Reservoir Dogs" discusses a past relationship with a chick named Alabama.... are we to assume that these two characters are supposed to be the same person?  We cannot know for certain, but it makes sense, and adds to the movie mythos....

James Gregory and Jerry Hardin:  Am I the only one who can't tell these two guys apart?  (you know, Inspector Luger from "Barney Miller" and "Deep Throat" from "X-Files")

Nick Nolte and Pat Hingle:  When are these two guys going to play father and son?  (which is which? your choice)

Tom Cruise?  Enough Already!!  The only good thing he ever did in a movie was to kick the shit out of Wilford Brimley in "The Firm."

Christopher Walken and James Spader:  These two guys would make a good father and soon duo in a movie as well.

Yes, Spielberg is a gifted director, but without a strong writer and/or producer, he gives us total drivel like "E.T." or "Schindler's List."  George Lucas, please keep an eye on your problem child.

Yes, George Lucas is a gifted producer, but without a strong director, he gives us total drivel like "Star Wars Episode 1"....  Richard Fleischer, Lawrence Kasdan, Irvin Kirschner, I'm depending on you to keep an eye on YOUR problem child.

Brian De Palma: a brilliant auteur, when he makes his own damn films (Snake Eyes, Untouchables, Scarface, etc.) but pretty much useless when he's just working as a hired gun (Mission Impossible, Mission to Mars).  Come to think of it, maybe it's the "mission" in the title that makes these suck?  If he's just doing it for the money, I hope they're paying him a lot, because they're not doing anything for his legacy.

Gary Sinise: should probably stick to playing bad guys (Ransom, Reindeer Games, Snake Eyes).  His good guys (Mission to Mars, Apollo 13) are as boring and unbelievable as Kevin Costner's tough guys (Robin Hood, Untouchables).

Robin Williams?  Don't we have laws against this kind of shit yet?

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.....
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