Whoa, wait a minute, big fella!!  You've selected a page with some serious, fucking shit on it.  I mean, this page might include some very hard core, explicit sexual language, some misogynistic or racial epithets, and some altogether politically incorrect and offensive stuff.  Are you SURE that you want to see it?

Not that I mind if you do, after all you're a grown person and can make up your own mind.  But I don't want you to go in there unwarned.  So if you decide to proceed, remember that YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!  And don't come complaining to me that you were offended.  And remember, I don't write this stuff, I only quote it.

Okay, you still here?  Well then, go ahead, if you dare.....

Let me see the Reservoir Dogs quotes already!!!!

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what are you NUTS????
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