Tom "Mr. Tabasco" Sizemore

Do you like to cook?  I do.  And no recipe is complete without some SPICE to snap it up.  That is exactly what Tom Sizemore is like; like a cold slap of Tabasco in your favorite can of chili, like a layer of Pickapeppa slathered onto your oatmeal.  His invigorating flavor can cut through any other taste and make you notice it first, last, and always.

Case in point, consider "Bringing Out The Dead."  Even with such hard-to-ignore presences as Nic Cage, Ving Rhames, and Martin Scorsese behind the camera, Mr. Sizemore just BURSTS onto the screen and makes you notice him to the exclusion of all others!  His wild-eyed crazed grin, his taught neck muscles, and his barely contained manic glee, all grab you by the aorta and shake you into attention.  Similarly, in "Natural Born Killers", with its plethora of charismatic actors and stylish direction, you still walk out with TS uppermost in your mind.

His list of tongue-burning pepper-sauce-like performances goes on and on.  "Enemy Of the State", "The Relic", "Strange Days", and "True Romance"; all benefit from his flavor-enhancing style.  Even toned down for general consumption in the mainstream "Hearts and Souls", he comes across with the tanginess that makes the gumbo go down with relish.  And this young Detroit native, still early in his career, promises more and more of his particular brand of celluloid spiciness in the years to come.  Tom Sizemore, the Thursday Night Movie Club gives you a 21-jalapeno salute!

"The issue is not whether you are paranoid, look around you Lenny, the issue is whether you are paranoid enough."
Update!  Tom Sizemore was just convicted on one count of being a sucky boyfriend to Heidi Fleiss!  Reality and Fantasy collide.  Stay tuned for further developments....