Orson "Eternal" Welles

This page is going to take me some time to do properly.  Of all the directors out there (and gone from out there), only David Lynch comes close to matching the Big O for his ability to stretch, create, challenge, and amaze; not to mention a level of creativity that enables him to affect the real world as well as reflecting it.  Orson Welles is quoted as having said: "what a pity there are so many of me, and so few of you" and this pretty much sums up his egotism, largesse, and all-encompassing presence.  This was a man with a personal force that you could feel a half mile away!  Another midwesterner (born in Wisconsin, a northern suburb of Chicago), he understood normal people, although he certainly was not one of them.  Much more to come on this most amazing filmaker, a lowbrow highbrow who definitely belongs in the Thursday Night Movie Club Pantheon.

"If I hadn't been born rich, I might have been a very great man."