Michael "Mr. Tough Guy" Madsen

This rough and tumble character actor seems like a man out of time.  He would have been in his element mixing it up with Bogey and Cagney and Eddie G.  But no, he has the misfortune to ply his two-fisted trade in these wimpy, politically-correct times that we all suffer through.

Fortunately, he doesn't let this get him down!  The feisty Chicago native, and brother to the lovely and talented Virginia Madsen, goes right on, turning in role after role of the toughest tough guys, the meanest meanies, and the brutalest brutes.  His canonical characterization can be seen (wasted of course) in the almost useless "Species" and the totally useless "Species 2".  More successful films to benefit from his charisma include "Mulholland Falls", "Donnie Brascoe", "The Getaway", and of course his triumph in "Reservoir Dogs" as the sadistic Mr. Blonde.   And he even gives us the occasional non-guy film role, as in both "Free Willy" outings and in "The Natural".  He even had a short-lived TV show, "Vengeance Unlimited" which I unfortunately never had the pleasure to see.

Keep it up, Mr. Madsen, we need you, especially in these troubling, emasculated times.  Keep on swinging, keep on fighting, and keep on offending the overly-sensitive.  And don't let anybody mistake you for Tom Sizemore!!!
"I don't give a good fuck what you know or don't know, I'm going to torture you anyway."
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