Hall-of-Famers Yet To Be??

I'm not sure what this page should be called yet, but we definitely need it.  Maybe you can offer me some suggestions?

Basically, there are those certain luminaries who have had ONE BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT, or maybe two or three, that have earned them special recognition.  But, they haven't yet had the long-term career type studliness that lands them in the official TNMC Hall of Fame.  Yet.  But I want to throw them a bone of some sort!

That is what this page is all about.  So, please enjoy, and keep your eyes on these up and comers!!!!

Nicole de Boer
Larry and I both love Star Trek.  And we especially love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (as do all right-thinking Trek fans).  And, of course, we especially loved the character of Jadzia Dax.  But when Terry Ferrell left the show for the abysmal "Becker" on CBS, we were appalled!  For the final season, the producers tapped the lovely Nicole de Boer to fill in as the newly-reconstituted "Ezri Dax".  And were we ever delighted!  Nicole created a character, against all odds, that made us forget about Jadzia and embrace the new world order!  We look forward to much more magic from Nicole, and thank her for a job very well done.

Kim Cattrall
This chick has had two TNMC triumphs, plus a lot of duds.  She has promise, and I look forward to good stuff.  First and foremost, she played Gracie Law in "Big Trouble In Little China" (see Twenty Quotes) for which she has earned her place in Heaven.  And, almost as good, she played a great Vulcan traitor in "Star Trek VI".  (see Twenty Quotes).  But, unfortunately, she has also disgraced herself in such drivel as Sex and the City, Baby Geniuses, Wild Palms, Mannequin, Police Academy, and Porky's!!  She tried to balance out these transgressions with a nice turn in "Masquerade", but I'm afraid that just isn't enough.  Yet.  But I still have high hopes that she will ultimately land herself in our Hall of Fame.

Edward Herrmann
I love this guy, especially for his booming voice and imposing presence.  You probably know him as the Dodge guy from the TV commercials.  But he was also great as the scheming husband from "Overboard", as FDR in several different productions, and as the narrator in "The Founding Fathers" (and many other documentaries).  He also pops up in "Oz", "Law and Order", and many other TV shows, in addition to his 75 or so movie roles.