Lance "Mr. Freeze" Henriksen

Whenever I look into Lance Henriksen's face, I get the chills.  He has that cold icy stare, that chilling gaze, that grim frosty look that stops you in your tracks.  Yet, at the same time, it is not a dead, emotionless look.  No, you can see the seething emotions underneath, and at the same time that you feel the freeze, you can also sense the deeply buried boiling white hot emotions that could erupt at any moment!  Truly a scary, and moving, look that you remember for quite awhile.

I don't know if it is just this marvelous look, or some other attribute, but his characters always have a certain meaty thoughtful weight to them, whether they are good guys or bad, that you cannot ignore.  Even if he is supposed to be a supporting character, he comes off as the main man, at least in our perception.  This was very true of his android character in "Aliens", his gunfighter in "The Quick and the Dead", and his movie producer in "Scream 3".  Of course, in his starring roles, he really takes on a spooky ambiguity.  Consider his haunted father character in the immortal "Pumpinkhead", or his multiply-conflicted FBI agent Frank Black in the TV series "Millennium".  But my personal favorite role of LH's was his dim-witted crook and Ellen Barkin's doormat boyfriend in "Johnny Handsome", a totally underrated performance (and film).

Whatever you do in the future, Mr. Henriksen, keep sending those thoughtful, deep, and creepy chills up and down our spines!
"I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid."