Gary "Wild Man" Busey

Okay, tell me if i'm wrong.  Is this guy a wild man, or what?  Not that we don't love him, don't get me wrong.  But I mean, the guy is fucking NUTS!!!!!  He's a great TNMC type actor, but he has to squeeze in his fabulous roles in between motorcycle accidents, arrests, divorces, tumors, and God knows what else!  But, after all, that's why we love him.  I mean, that, and his great movie roles.

First of all, and maybe MOST of all, is his great wild turn as Buddy Holly in "The Buddy Holly Story" where he not only reminded us of what a great talent Buddy Holly was, but he played his own instruments and did all the actual performances, I mean, what a guy!  This would be amazing enough by itself, until you realize that he started his career as a professional drummer for the likes of Wayon Jennings and others, what talent, and what a guy!

And then he moved on, showing us how completey NUTS he was, in such magnum opi as "Insignificance" (as a Joe DiMaggio clone), "Lethal Weapon" (as the virtually indestructable maniacal killer), "Predator 2", "Under Siege", "The Firm" (as the insane PI), "Lost Highway", "Soldier" (as the bizzare Captian), and in "Universal Soldier", numbers 2 and 3.  What a guy!  Does he ever get tired?

This Texas native, reared in Oklahoma, and descended from Irish and Native American (how I hate that politically correct designation) stock, continues to delight and astonish us.  And his acting spawn, in the personna of his son Jake (great name!), continues to delight and amaze us.  Mr. Busey, the TNMC salutes you, may you continue to be wild and delightful, and never, ever, decide to take the normal road.

If you kindly tell me everything you know, then I promise to kill you quick!