Brendan "No Nickname Yet" Gleeson

I can't think of a nickname for this guy yet.  He is still a relative newcomer to the big screen, but I already love seeing him burst into the frame, with his imposing physique, sour-yet-humorous scowl, and laconic delivery.  A latecomer to the movie business at the age of 36, he hasn't made that many movies yet, but has stood out in all of his outings.  You couldn't help but notice him as Hamish, William Wallace's buddy, in "Braveheart".  He was hilarious as the bucolic-yet-sarcastic sheriff in the much-maligned "Lake Placid", and equally effective as the drunken Mickie in "Tailor of Panama".  His latest outings, as the sheriff-elect in "Gangs of New York", and the wistful father in "28 Days Later" were equally effective.

LATEST ROLE:  Together with Brian Cox, Mr. Gleeson totall stole the show in "Troy" as the wrathful King Menelaus! "I want her back... so I can kill her myself!"

I think his best feature is that of being fresh and new in each new role.  He is the kind of an actor, much like Russell Crowe, where you've seen him and loved him many times before you even realize that, hey, those were all the same guy!  To me, that embodies much of a Hall of Fame carreer.

He really doesn't have that large of a body of work, just yet, but I expect big things from our boy Brendan, so I am promoting him to Hall of Fame status, albeit possibly prematurely.  But mark my words, if he can avoid his unfortunate tendancy to appear in Tom Cruise films (MI:2, Far and Away), we can expect big things from this Irish lad!
Yeah, we wanted to call it Lake Placid, but we heard that name was already taken.
I brought a pork chop for luck. Maybe you could hang it around your neck.